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Funny, Warm Stag Glove Siegbert

Soft, dark grey fleece gloves warms your hands and fingers in a wonderful way. Be it when you make your Christmas family walk, when you have fun sledging or when you have a comfy chat with some milled wine at the Christmas market. On the back of the hand you can see the silhouette of a red stag head with antlers and and in white you see the letters - "Hirschönwarm" - this is kind of word bun, meaning that it is warm here, using the word "Hirsch", which means stag. And they are warm indeed these gloves. Considering the size they are men's gloves or "second gloves" for really easily freezing women you can use them over normal woollen gloves.

The funny fleece glove ist a very popular present for men, be it your lover, your husband or your brother, a Christmas present of for birthday. And it it is bitterly cold you can pinch those light weight gloves. We think this is is a very practical present, that comes in handy during family outings in the winter.

Funny, Warm Stag Glove "Siegbert"

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Product Details:


100% polyester
embroidered stag silhouette

Length: 25cm / 9.83inch
Width: 11cm / 4.32inch
Hight: 0.5cm / 0.20inch

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EUR 11,40
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 8.03 / USD 12.15
approx. [?]


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