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Rabbit Girl Necklace Edda

The sweet necklace features a charming girl with red cape, amazing round-shaped collar, adorned by white lace and a cap with rabbit ears. On the left ear you can see a nice blue bow, on its forehead a fine blossom. The rabbit girl is painted on light blue background, which is covered by daisies, Around the painted girl there are flowers, daisies, pansies and even red flowers, and you can see a red butterfly. The imaginative motive is framed with a black border.

The medaillon is part of a necklace, with a closure at the backside. The chain is made of nickel free metal. The French jewellery can be combined with other lovely pieces of the jewellery collection, together with butterfly earrings, ring or a bracelet, or even a matching carrier bag, like the bag Eulalia, where you can see the sweet rabbit girl or a groundhog girl.

The necklaces are beautifully packaged.

Rabbit Girl Necklace "Edda"

EUR 16,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 11.27 / USD 17.05
approx. [?]


Product Details:


necklace with pendant
nickel free

Length: 4.5cm / 1.77inch
Width: 3.5cm / 1.38inch
Hight: 0.1cm / 0.04inch

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EUR 16,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 11.27 / USD 17.05
approx. [?]


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