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Butterfly Earrings with Flowers Amanda

This fine piece of costume jewellery Amanda consists of two ovals, differently imprinted with butterflies, colourful flowers, daisies, cheerful and bright srping colours: blue, violet, green, cyan, pink, white and apricot. The ovals are stuck to nickel-free ear rings. This exceptional costume jewellery is designed by Marie Desbons. The French illustrator is known for her delicate, colourful and rich in detail pictures.

The package is so pretty that you want to open it slowly and carefully these cute butterfly earrings. The carboard in brown beige with imprinted cherries and the words: "Boucles d'or ou mes jolies dormeuses", in English they use the term Goldilocks. "Boucles d'oreille" is French for earring, if you shorten de ears an only use "or" that means gold. The pretty sleepyhead "jolies dormeuses" means correctly translated pretty drop earrings. Sigh, French is so much more poetic concerning jewellery terminology.

Butterfly Earrings with Flowers "Amanda"

EUR 13,50
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 9.51 / USD 14.39
approx. [?]


Product Details:


two drop earrings
nickel free

Length: 4.5cm / 1.77inch
Width: 1.5cm / 0.59inch
Hight: 0.1cm / 0.04inch

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EUR 13,50
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 9.51 / USD 14.39
approx. [?]


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