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Wintry Dishes Set with Stag Fiona

Stags, Deers, Reindeers and Fawns are part of the wintry and christmassy decorations – our snow flaky and Christmas inspired Espresso set is perfectly matching this seasonal decoration trend. A dish set for Espressi can be used for afternoon coffee as well as for a stimulatory Espresso after the festive dinner. This exceptional tablewear Fiona is not only great to serve Espresso at dinner parties, in its small cups, the matchings saucers and the porcelain spoons you can beautifully arrange desert. What about a scoop of almond ice cream, some whipped cream, egg liqueur on top and garnished with Vanillekipferl or some small Christmas biscuits. Cutters for small Christmas cookies come with our cookie cutter set Beate. You can of course serve in the pretty coffee set an eggnog as an aperitif.

The Coffee Dishes consists of 18 pieces, six mugs, six saucers and six small table spoons. On the dainty cups there are white snowflakes on red background, on both sides you will find an imprint of a stag head, with golden bells on blue snow flurry, framed with a golden banderole, some green holly and on the left a green stamp with a stag and to the right a tender print "Merry Christmas". The saucers are in pink with white snowflakes. The dessert spoons are in white. Country style, winter pleasure and Christmas bliss are combined in this trendy set.

Wintry Dishes Set with Stag "Fiona"

EUR 24,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 17.54 / USD 26.53
approx. [?]


Product Details:


6 mugs
6 saucers
6 ceramic spoons
food safe
sweetly packaged

Length: 11cm / 4.32inch
Width: 11cm / 4.32inch
Hight: 7cm / 2.75inch

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EUR 24,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 17.54 / USD 26.53
approx. [?]


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