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Washable Piping Bag Erich

The piping bag or pastry bag Erich is a cone-shaed bag made of impermeable fabric, and can be used for different kinds of nozzles and tubes, be they made of plastic or metal. Using a piping bag you can decorate cakes, tartes, cupcakes, and dishes, or make some spritz biscuits. The fabric is soft enough to be easily filled, stable enough to have a good grip and strong enough, to be still very well usable after several times of using and cleaning.

The high quality reusable bag is made of boil proof fabric, the seam is welded and the special fabric impervious. To clean just turn around the piping bag and rinse or put into washing machine or dish washer. This pastry bag can be used with an adapter ring, even without adapter nozzles will perfectly fit. The length of the piping bag is 40cm, perfect for chefs and bakers, and a good size for home use. The wieder end ist 22.5cm long, the small end can be cut as you need it.

For all who have never used a piping bag – it ain't rocket science. Choose a tube, put into the adapter or insert directly into the bag. Fill in whipped cream, frosting or cream cheese into the piping bag, don't fill more than have the bag. Twist to close the wider end. When twisting push the content downwards, to eliminate most of the air, to get best consistent result. For right handers: with the left hand close and squeeze the bag, with the right hand move the tube and apply the decoration. Just give it a try and practice, it won't take long to turn into a cake-decorating queen or king.
For the piping bag Erich we recommend the tube set Nicolette with circulr nozzle, rose tubes, star tubes and filling nozzle.

Washable Piping Bag "Erich"

EUR 7,60
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 5.36 / USD 8.10
approx. [?]


Product Details:


piping bag made of plastic
washable in dish washer

Length: 40cm / 15.72inch
Width: 0cm / 0.00inch
Hight: 0cm / 0.00inch

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EUR 7,60
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 5.36 / USD 8.10
approx. [?]


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