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Biscuit Cutter Golf Club Gilbert

You can hit the perfect stroke concerning biscuit baking with this golf club cookie cutter. Gilbert is a small and compact cookie cutter shape, who is easily to recognize for all golf players. Of course you can discuss if it is a driver, putter or long iron. However this discussion might end be sure that tender butter cookie shaped as golf clubs will melt on the tongues of the golf experts. With some adornment and icing, as well as some word written on them you can make the type of golf club more precise while decorating. Be it Pro or beginner, with high or low handicap a club biscuit will be appreciated be it with filling or pure, a high in fibre spelt cookie or a yummy sweet shortcrust biscuit. If you want more then a golf club to represent the theme golf, you could bake round shaped biscuits to be the golf ball. When decorating the round cookies you can explore on dimple design, decide if you want to make 2-layer, 4-layer or multilayer golf balls. Our approach: you get your 2-layer golf ball cookie with a shortcrust cookie and sugar icing, a 3 layer biscuit can be a cookie filled with jam and a multilayer golf ball biscuit: one layer biscuit, a layer of marzipan, one layer of biscuit, a layer of chocolate and top it again with a biscuit. And if you want matching tees - use almond paste or make them as tasty chocolate confectionary. The golf club cutter can be used for cake decoration as well a golf cake will be the hit at every golf tournament.

The cookie cutter is made stainless steel. It is made strongly, so you can cut as well fondant and cake decoration with it, or cheese, butter, spread, aspic and collared pork. In our exceptional product range of cookie cutters and biscuit shapers, there are not only sportive cutters, but as well fruits, vegetables, animals, especially Alpine forest animals and symbols - be it the fortune charm like a horseshoe, or an umbrella, a cloud or tender snow flakes.

Biscuit Cutter Golf Club "Gilbert"

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Product Details:


sportive cookie cutter
made of stainless steel

Length: 7cm / 2.75inch
Width: 2cm / 0.79inch
Hight: 2cm / 0.79inch

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EUR 1,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 1.34 / USD 2.02
approx. [?]


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