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Porcelain Heart Bowl Heartbeat 2 Pair of Stags

This porcelain bowl is a perfect keeper of little sweet bonbons or some chocolates, you can serve some nice chestnuts in them in between courses – or you leave this amazing piece of porcelain and decoration of handicraft as it is. The bowl is formed in the shape of a heart. It then gets together forms that are typical for embroidery work – the cross as we know it from the cross stitch for the outer rim of the heart bowl and on the inside two stags and two edelweiss. The bowls are handcrafted by our porcelain artists Hedwig Rotter and silk printed afterwards. This bowl is available with four different colours of printing, you can have the heart adorned with green stags and Edelweiss, maybe you prefer red, orange, or it might be the light blue colour that goes best with your interiors.

This heart-shaped porcelain bowl is best tended when hand washed. As the bowl is handmade and painted by hand, each bowl is a unicum and can be subject to slight changes.

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Porcelain Heart Bowl "Heartbeat 2" Pair of Stags

each EUR 23,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 16.21 / USD 24.51
approx. [?]


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fine procelain
stags and edelweiss in silk print

Length: 12cm / 4.72inch
Width: 3,4cm / 1.18inch
Hight: 10,7cm / 3.93inch

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each EUR 23,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 16.21 / USD 24.51
approx. [?]


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