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Memory Game Resi with Cow Pictures

This is a lovely memory game with 36 different pairs with pictures of cows. You see cow fur, cow heads, cow eyes and horn. All pictures are taken from different cattle breed, that are typical to the Alpine region like Brown Swiss, Holstein or Pinzgau Cattle. Memory is a game that children as well as adults like, because the ability to win this game is a little luck and good imaginery memory. Our experience is that most children are far better in playing memory, than adults – and of course this fact makes such a game even more fun to play, as it might not always be the big one that wins.

If you never have played memory, don't mind it is really simple. Put all cards upside down on the table, you can but them in any order or in rows and lines. For the start: the more symmetrie, the easier. Usually the youngest starts and uncovers two cards, after everyone has seen them they are coverd again. If you happen to uncover two cards with the same picture – a pair – you may take the pair and uncover the next two cards. The one who can collect most of the cards wins.

Memory Game "Resi" with Cow Pictures

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Product Details:


memory game
36 pairs

Length: 23cm / 9.04inch
Width: 6cm / 2.36inch
Hight: 4cm / 1.57inch
Weight: 300g / 0.66lbs

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EUR 14,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 9.86 / USD 14.92
approx. [?]


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