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Double Portrait Illustration Princess-Girl Gwendoline

An original and sweet idea is this changeable picture for your wall decoration - a pretty illustration with brown frame having two different sides. On side one of the portrait you see a cute princess with open black hair and golden coronet. The neat dress in brown, with white Peter Pan collar and white cuffs. Princess Gewndoline is on a field of dandelion clocks, small white stars all over the picture, maybe some fireflies as well, all framed with a beautifully shaped oval painted frame, pink roses and bows on the Borders. If you turn the portrait to the other side you will see the girl Gwendoline with braids, the pink bird on the arm of gorgeous Gwen, the brown dress in spruce A-shape, white buttons and charming puff sleeves, a small toadstool on the meadow. The princess side shows us dusk and twilight with a blue and turquoise sky, the girl side show us the dawn of a wonderful bright summer morning.

The illustration of French artist Limoon leads us to a tender, enchanting world, with creativity and fantasy. Gwendoline is a ravishing decoration for a children's room and captivating furnishing for all who love rituals. Use the energetic and curious little girl for the mornings, and change the picture in the evenings to the enthralled, fantastic and mysterious princess - ain't that a good start for leisure-time.

The marvellous Genwdoline picture has a little hole at the top, so you can easily use it as wall hanging. The imprint on side one is "Princesse aux oiseaux", on side two you can read "Demoiselle aux oiseaux", hte princess of birds and the bird's damsel. With the picture Gwendoling you have superb wall decoration with function. Find more funny interiors and exclusive exceptional gifts at MiaDeRoca gift shop.

Double Portrait Illustration Princess-Girl "Gwendoline"

EUR 12,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 8.46 / USD 12.79
approx. [?]


Product Details:


picture with two sides
print on cardboard
packed in sweet envelope

Length: 41cm / 16.11inch
Width: 29.5cm / 11.59inch
Hight: 0.3cm / 0.12inch

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EUR 12,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 8.46 / USD 12.79
approx. [?]


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