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Colourful Little Cardboard Suitcase Crafts Clarisse

The ideal little suitcase for colouring and painting equipment is this little cardboard suitcase Clarisse. The small suitcase is totally dedicated to colour, painting and art. In cute vintage design of former craft suitcases the upper edges are rounded, the cardboard suitcase has a metal handle and a snap closure. The illustrations on the cardboard suitcase are gorgeous: on the top you can see several jars with brushes, colouring pencils, and paint tubes, among the painting equipment sits a little boy and a lime green chameleon, on the sides crayons are lined up arranged to show a multicoloured striped pattern. The rim of the lid shows a border of paint tubes. The lower side and back side have lime green and green stripes and at the backside we see the green gecko in close up. The illustrations are neither painted nor drawn, they are sceneries of paper maché.

Clarisse is the middle sized of the sweet cardboard suitcase collection by Chloé Rémiat. You can put the sewing suitcase Claudette into the drawing suitcase Clarisse and store all two of them in the bigger musical cardboard suitcase Charlotte.

Colourful Little Cardboard Suitcase Crafts "Clarisse"

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Product Details:


cardboard suitcase
sweet print
metal handle
metal closure

Length: 24.7cm / 9.71inch
Width: 17.5cm / 6.88inch
Hight: 8.2cm / 3.22inch

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EUR 14,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 10.50 / USD 15.88
approx. [?]


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