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Beautiful Roll Wrap Paper Edith

Four Sheets of Wrapping Paper with different motives from French designer Tante Claudine and Mlle Héloïse, 70cm high and 2.5m long. On Roll Wrap sweeter and cuter than the other: the first is a gift wrap paper toadstool, with different red toadstools on pink, the lines consist of white dots.
The next rollwrap is light blue and white gingham in the background in the front there are small blue butterflies and sweet girls, as we have seen in the forrest family, like your have seen it on the carrier bag Eulalia.
The following gift wrap paper is lightblue with bouqets of flowers and red hearts framed by flowers, here again white dots to mark lines.
The fourth rollwrap is black and has different sizes circles filled with red flowers, each circle sweetly framed with the illustration of white lace. Ain't that the perfect gift wrapping paper for special and exceptional gifts, for romantic gifts of love, small presenst and big gifts for the 50th birthday. You can order all four roll wraps once - that is easy to buy extraordinary wrap paper for many occasions online.

The fantastic paper can not only be used to wrap gifts, but you can line a drawer, decorate a chest of drawser or use it for decoupage.

The gift wrapping paper is on rolls and you get four different rolls, and the perfect gift wrap paper for Easter, birthdays, invitations - and on big pile of gifts your gift will be special with this special paper. In our shop you can find several products of both designers: be it the exceptional laptop bag Amina, the cute carrier bag Eulalia or the sweet shoulder bag Ellen. With these colourful printed wrapping paper you have extraordinary paper for extraordinary gifts.

Beautiful Roll Wrap Paper "Edith"

EUR 21,60
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 15.22 / USD 23.02
approx. [?]


Product Details:


cute toadstools, girls, flowers
4 different motives
French design

Length: 250cm / 98.25inch
Width: 70cm / 27.51inch
Hight: 0.1cm / 0.04inch

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EUR 21,60
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 15.22 / USD 23.02
approx. [?]


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