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T-Shirt Knight of Luck Hermes, Organic Cotton

The grey T-Shirt Hermes in comfy Organic cotton is especially for all lucky guys, venturers, soldiers of fortune. The shirt features the German imprint "Ritter des Glücks" - would be translated as Knight of Luck and Good Fortune, but the meaning is all peaceful and laid-back. The Shirt is available in four different sizes from Small to Extra Large. You can wear it as it is or use it as shirt under a sweater, hoody or a sleeveless pullover.

Organic Cotton is not produced in Austria, but in Austria it is designed to fashion. A great Viennese fashion label is "Göttin des Glück" - "Goddess of Luck and Good Fortune" which designs T-shirts for men, underwear and eco fashion accessories - modern, ecological, young and hip. Göttin des Glücks fashion has a fair trade certificate and its organic cotton has the GOTS label.

Those who want to venture the world from had to toe as knight of fortune, can get a matching shirt as well, the sleeveless vest Helios or the great matching trunks – with over-all print luck – for all those who know that luck can vanish as quickly as a bird (at least that is a saying in Austria), and that it can return as quick again. By the way for all men who freeze easily we highly recommend caps and hats by Riggler, 100% made in the Alps and therefore social and fair trade as well.

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T-Shirt "Knight of Luck" Hermes, Organic Cotton

each EUR 39,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 28.11 / USD 42.52
approx. [?]


Product Details:


100% organic cotton (GOTS)
fair trade
print for soldiers of fortune

Length: 0cm / 0.00inch
Width: 0cm / 0.00inch
Hight: 0cm / 0.00inch

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each EUR 39,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 28.11 / USD 42.52
approx. [?]


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