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Sweet Baby Bonnet with Rabbit Ears Jacques

We love caps and bonnets with rabbit ears, this sweet cotton bonnet is the perfect rabbit ear bonnet. Made of brown organic cottton (GOTS certified), eco-social production and using natural fibres grown without pesticides and chemical fertilisers.
The baby hat is available in two sizes Small for the little ones, when you lay it flat on the ground it measures 17.5cm for width and 13cm length, the rabbit ears from the top of the hat are 16cm and in their middle 3.5cm wide.
The bigger kids cap Medium is 21.5cm long and 13cm high, the bunny ears are 17cm long and in the middle 5cm wide.
The soft cotton is stretchable in width and length.
If you have a look at the products at MiaDeRoca Shop you have seen sweet bunny ear caps and hats before at the illustrations of the lovely Mademoiselle Héloïse, on the carrier bag forrest family Eulalia, or the metal box Emma, the rabbit girl necklace Edda and on the red-cheeked butcher's girl Barbara on the exceptional shopper bag. So, while your kid is well protected with this sweet brown bunny ear bonnet, the mother can get herself a matching play ground bag and other matching accessories. All the products mentioned here are from France, yet the sweet bonnet is not by Mlle Héloïse, but by ideo a French label for green fashion.
Ideo makes lovely clothes of natural fibres, mainly made of organic cotton. In comparison to normal cotton the whole production process is less harmful to man and environment, this is certified by the GOTS certificate. Ideo makes sure, that the rest of the production process up to the final product is fair for all involved. Baby clothes which have a biological food print is as small as a baby's foot. Our baby fashion is the perfect gift for baptism, for the first birthday, or inbetween, be it Christmas or Easter.

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Sweet Baby Bonnet with Rabbit Ears "Jacques"

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Product Details:


100% organic cotton (GOTS)
fair trade
wash at 40 degree centigrade
sweet bunny ears

Length: 17,5cm / 6.68inch
Width: 29cm / 11.40inch
Hight: 0.5cm / 0.20inch

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each EUR 8,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 6.27 / USD 9.48
approx. [?]


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