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Baby Towel with Hood Adolphine

A cuddly hooded towel for babies should be part of a baby starter kit. With such a sweet towel with hood you can wrap your baby after bathing into a little warmed bundle. The model Adolphine is a French baby towel that works a little different than the hooded towels we are used to in Austria. The towel is extra long (93cm) and you can really wrap it around the baby and keep it warm, similar to a cuddly morning gown without the annoying nestling with long sleeves. Without the hood the towel is 60cm high, with hood 81cm. The inner side of the baby towel is white terry cloth, the outside is wonderful dark red, in this sense a two-layered towel. It comes with a belt in red and white terry cloth, the towel has loops for the belts on its outside. On the sweet hood you can find the three little people, which are on other baby products as well: the three citizens of the world "Citoyens du Monde".
Did you know that some babies feel very comfortable with the colour dark red. After all they were surrounded by this colour, when they were snugly and cosily in the womb.

The baby towel with hood belongs to the baby collection of ideo, baby clothes and baby accessories made of organic cotton (controlled and certified by GOTS). The production process is carried out following TÜV Süd standards (SA8000). The design is French, one can clearly see the French style in the sweet details.

There are matching baby articles to accompany this baby towel, be it the sweet round baby bib, a dark red long-sleeved onesie, a baby pyjama in red and orange and a sleeping bag that is growing and can accompany a child fro being baby. In our MiaDeRoca online store you will find many more gift ideas for newborn, babies and toddlers.

Baby Towel with Hood "Adolphine"

EUR 45,30
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 31.92 / USD 48.27
approx. [?]


Product Details:


100% organic cotton (GOTS)
production TÜV Süd group certified
fair trade

Length: 93cm / 36.55inch
Width: 81cm / 31.83inch
Hight: 0.5cm / 0.20inch

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EUR 45,30
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 31.92 / USD 48.27
approx. [?]


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