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Organic Cotton Clothes for Dogs Leo

The trendy dog outfit Leo is made of organic cotton and will make sure that your dog is easily recognizable as chic and fashionable little dog. What is good for the owner, fine soft cotton jersey made of organic cotton is fine for the dog as well. The blue-turquoise back of the dog clothing is featuring the imprint:
"Yesterday I was a GOOD DOG.
Today I'm a GOOD DOG.
Tomorrow I'll probably still be a GOOD DOG.
There's so little hope for advancement."
The front legs are in orange and the belly of the dog coat is in amazing red colour. Cuffs in brown-fudge are around the front paws, the neck and at the back end of this designer clothing for dogs. The dog coat Leo is longer at the back, so the dog outfit is easily put on and allows the dog to move comfortably with this warming dog jumper and jump over puddles. Leo is clothing for dogs during autumn / fall and winter, be it as a fashionable accessory or to keep dogs with light fur warm. The dog clothing is similar to a dog jumper, but much longer at the back to keep the hips warm.

This dog fashion is by green fashion designer Göttin des Glücks (Goddes of Good Luck and Fortune), which design amazing fashion for women, men and most recently fashion for dogs. Now you can dress in a matching look to your dog, all colourful and trendy, like wearing the blue-turquoise wrist warmers when walking your little friend.
Dog clothes for pugs, dachshund, terrier and bigger dogs are available in three different sizes. The material has a small part of elastan, it stretches without loosing its form.
S - Small - Length of Back: 31cm, Chest: 43cm, Neckline: 25cm M - Medium - Length of Back: 35cm, Chest: 47cm, Neckline: 26cm L - Large - Length of Back: 38cm, Chest: 52cm, Neckline: 30cm Chest Measurement was taken shortly after the front legs. If you like natural textiles for your canine friend and renewable raw materials, then you could use Austrian sheep wool from our shop to knit or crochet a dog blanket.

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Organic Cotton Clothes for Dogs "Leo"

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Product Details:


95% organic cotton (GOTS)
5% Elasthane
fairtrade certified

Length: cm / 0.00inch
Width: cm / 0.00inch
Hight: cm / 0.00inch

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each EUR 38,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 26.78 / USD 40.49
approx. [?]


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