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Knitting Wool, Intense Colours

Fine lamb wool, ideal for handy craft with wool. Our wool selection intense colour has five especially warm colours:
mauve - a violet with high proportion of red, early Rioja or intense grape, some call it magenta
violet - a dark tone of lilac, lavender or purple with an intense blue
orange - a nice intense orange, far away from being pastell
royal blue - a dark blue, more deep blue than sky blue, reminding us of sommersun sear blue
dark red - a dark red, wine red or bordeaux, but rather more Zweigelt or Kalterer See or blood red.
The wool is perfect knitting wool, but also well to use as crocheting yarn. Each wool ball has 100g and a running meter of about 240m. Washable up to 30 degrees, for neddle size 3 to 3.5. Nice crocheting results with crochet hook 4 (for strong granny squares) up to 7 (cosy flower scarves). When knitten use knitting needles 3-7.
The wool can be easily felted in the washing machine, be it for self made felted bags from a knitted bag or the individually designed mobile cover from a crocheted sleeve.
Each wool strand can be slightly different in thickness in each colour.

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Knitting Wool, Intense Colours

each EUR 5,95
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GBP 4.19 / USD 6.34
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Product Details:


100% new pure wool
100 g balls
240 running meter
Made in Austria

Length: 18cm / 7.07inch
Width: 8cm / 3.14inch
Hight: 8cm / 3.14inch

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each EUR 5,95
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 4.19 / USD 6.34
approx. [?]


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