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Shoulderbag with Hunting Scenery Jagertraudl

This is a wonderful trapeziform shoulder bag with classy hunting scenery and wildlife: deer, wild sow, hare and mallard, the rifle, the hunter and ammunition. The special form of this bag gives it a width of 30cm on the tops and 38cm on the bottom of the shoulder bag.

This bag is exclusive available at the MiaDeRoca web-shop. A wonderful present for huntresses.
For a stable body this bag has lining and a brown fabric on its inside. There is a small internal pocket, enough space for your parking ticket, a map and sun glasses.

The shoulder bag is like all MiaDeRoca products handmade in Salzburg, Austria.

Shoulderbag with Hunting Scenery "Jagertraudl"

EUR 79,00
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Product Details:


Fabric with Hunting Motives
57 cm strap
stag picture framed with leather

Length: 27.5cm / 10.81inch
Width: 3cm / 1.18inch
Hight: 30cm / 11.79inch

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EUR 79,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 55.66 / USD 84.18
approx. [?]


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Ausdruck von: MiaDeRoca, www.miaderoca.com

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