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Practical Messenger Bag Adrian, Sail Cloth

Our sailcloth bags are fab for everyone who needs real big bags every now and then, but does not want to carry all-day long a huge bag. All our sailcloth bags do have in common the possibility to vary in size, to enlarge ore to minimise the bag. Be it via a magnetic closer, like with this bag, or with a rubber band with other bags. You can flap the front flap a little more and have a smaller sized bag or keep the flap shorter and have a bigger messenger bag.

This brown bag is made of strong canvas, 100% cotton fabric that is waterproof and can be washed. The outside has a decent coffee brown, the inside is with light milk coffee brown. Very practical is the adjustable black strap. For once it is strong and broad to carry very well fully loaded bags and second it is attached diagonally, so that the bag holds well to the body.

There are two pockets on the outside and three small ones inside.

The brown messenger bag is like all other linckx bags made in Germany. Order them online in our web store and buy a matching bag pendant and nice purse as additional pocket as well.

Practical Messenger Bag "Adrian", Sail Cloth

EUR 92,00
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Product Details:


dark brown sailcloth
light brown lining
convertible size
adjustable strap

Length: 29cm / 11.40inch
Width: 10cm / 3.93inch
Hight: 38cm / 14.93inch

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EUR 92,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 64.82 / USD 98.04
approx. [?]


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