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Grey Feltbag Lies with Stag and Heart

This grey feltbag Lies is a marvellous schoulderbag for your everyday stuff, the office or a trendy accessory with your special costume for a visit at the Oktoberfest. You wear it on your shoulder and have your hands ready for the really important stuff like choosing the right music, getting yourself a coffee to go, order another beer or cleaning tiny red noses.

The grey shoulderbag is an upright format, on its outside you find the imprint of an impressive stag, a ten pointer. The bag has a zipper at the top to close it and keep away your stuff from rain and long fingers. On front above the stag you can find a blue-white gingham heart - gorgeous! The sweet blue and white gingham can be found inside the felt bag. The shoulderbag is completely lined with the gingham-fabric, inside you can find three internal pockets, perfect for your mp3-player, your money purse and the tissue purse. The shoulderstrap is adjustable. The bag is made of nature-mottled felt fabric, 2mm strong, amazingly light in weight and through its exact production very stable.

The beautiful felt bag derives from the Bavarian bag manufacturer linckx and like is sisters and brothers of fabric- and felt-bags handmade in Germany. So every one of these original bag models is unique and as individual as you are.

Grey Feltbag "Lies" with Stag and Heart

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Product Details:


grey mottled felt
blue-white gingham heart
brown stag imprint
blue-white gingham lining
zipper as closure

Length: 25cm / 9.83inch
Width: 8cm / 3.14inch
Hight: 31cm / 12.18inch

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EUR 89,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 63.35 / USD 95.80
approx. [?]


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