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Exceptional Great Jute Bag Rose Très Chic

Rose is not just a rose, but an big colourful carrier bag, a shopping abg or a work-life balance bag or even a beach bag. The juteag Rose is what you make of it. If you put it into the boot, so that you always have a bag to carry big and bulky stuff, or a bag, that can store your picnic blanket, slackline, climbing euipment, sandbox toys, yoga mat and all the leisure time stuff you need to have fun with.

The bag is an open bag made of jute, inside it has two internal pockets which can be closed with a zipper to keep all the small stuff save and easy to find. The handles are made out of smooth leather and are long enough (43cm) to put the bag on your shoulder. The jutebag has on both sides printings of big flowers in rose, orange, red, brown and black. The floral pattern is designed by the ingenious french designer Mlle Héloïse, of whom you can find one and another bag, accessories and even a cuty baby dishes in our web store.

Exceptional Great Jute Bag "Rose" Très Chic

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Product Details:


jute bag
coloured screenprint

Length: 48cm / 18.86inch
Width: 30cm / 11.79inch
Hight: 30cm / 11.79inch

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EUR 39,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 27.48 / USD 41.56
approx. [?]


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