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Smartphone and iPhone Case Made of Cowhide Paul

With the Cow Hide Case Paul you will get a great case for your iPhone, Smartphone or iPod. On the outer side is a brown cow hide and inside is the uncoloured cow skin or leather. Our Paul is quite rustic and down to earth. The case is practical for using, as the texture of the leather helps that the iPhone does not pop out of the case. The hairy outside of the case makes it easy to be found when your are looking for the case inside your bag our rucksack.

The cow skin case is made by MiaDeRoca, Paul is a handmade iPhone case from Austria. The cowhide is handsewn with brown thread.

If you need a special size case for your smartphone or handheld or have an iPhone with bumper, contact us and tell us the exact measurements, we can make individual cases.

Please note that cowhide is a natural product and therefore differences in fur length, density and colour are possible. Each of the mobile phone cases is unique.

Smartphone and iPhone Case Made of Cowhide "Paul"

EUR 24,90
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GBP 17.54 / USD 26.53
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Product Details:


practical cover for mobile phones
real cow hide
handmade in Austria

Length: 14cm / 5.50inch
Width: 8.5cm / 3.34inch
Hight: 0.3cm / 0.12inch

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EUR 24,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 17.54 / USD 26.53
approx. [?]


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Ausdruck von: MiaDeRoca, www.miaderoca.com

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