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Fancy Camper Van Passport Cover Fridolin

Plenty of campervans and camping buses gather on this passport cover Fridolin. The cover has the correct size for the new German and Austrian EU passport. If you need a special size, please indicate the exact size of your passport when ordering: all sizes up to 16cm height and 11.5cm width will work, for other sizes please do contact us. The campingbus passport case is the perfect gift for all campers and late 68ers.

The passport cover is water proof and made of strong pvc tarp, UV resistant.

Manny different buses and camper vans are united on the cover, more than 4 dozen differents designs, no passport cover will look like the other and you could get covers for your whole family. Have you already spotted your preferred bus? Like the cow tide bus, or the winterly ski bus, the stag camper or one of the rainbow vans. There are of course some country buses in our collection: like the German bus, a French and Italian bus, of course there are Hippie buses like the flower-power camper van and the pastelli-psychodelli camping bus. And if you have a close look you will spot some split screens, typical for camping buses, bullis and caravans of the first generations. And as this is an original MiaDeRoca design we of course included a MiaDeRoca delivery van.

Fancy Camper Van Passport Cover "Fridolin"

EUR 15,30
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Product Details:


pvc tarp
exclusive MiaDeRoca design

Length: 14.2cm / 5.58inch
Width: 10cm / 3.93inch
Hight: 0.2cm / 0.08inch

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EUR 15,30
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 10.78 / USD 16.30
approx. [?]


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