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Exclusive Coin Purse Clochette, the little Fairy

In the mood for some retro and vintage? Cheerful children laughter on the meadow, nice summers, twittering birds and humming bees? Secret places, stories about gnomes, fairies and pxies? This little purse brings some nostalgic childhood mood back to you. The purse is made of fine pink polka-doted fabric, by the way handmade in France, and has an imprint of a small winged fairy. The purse has the name "Clochette", what means little bell. Does this ring a bell? A small little pixie like this one, with the fabulous name "Tinker Bell" is part of the famous tale "Peter Pan" from James Matthew Barrie. And while Peter Pan wanted to be child forever and not grow up – We are happy grown-ups who love to be children every now and then, like to look at little figures, special surfaces and glittering stuff makes us smile, while we sing a song, packing our new little wallet, getting prepared – for a walk, a night at the theatre, the cinema, a vernissage or an intensive tour to the pubs. Because to be grown up has some amazing advantages.

Exclusive Coin Purse "Clochette", the little Fairy

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Product Details:


brown fabric, pink dotted
baroque frame flocked
little fairy with sparkling adornment
handmade in France

Length: 7,5cm / 2.75inch
Width: 12,5cm / 4.72inch
Hight: 3cm / 1.18inch

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EUR 53,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 37.34 / USD 56.48
approx. [?]


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