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Funny Bag Little Red Riding Hood Ronda

This Lil' Red Riding Hood bag is pretty to look at and amazingly versatile: be it as grocery bag, as beach bag, carrier bag for wool and crochet stuff, additional bag when you take out the baby stroller or the bag with the playing stuff on your camping trip. This wonderful colourful and cheerful bag brightens your days. And that you can see two versions of Red Riding Rood will cheer up all fairy tale fans. In fact we do like Little Red Riding Hood as a guide for every day life - a happy and sunny character, that dupes evil and goes on living happily and cheerful ever after.
The first side of the bag features Lil' Red Riding Hoof in close-up shows a sweet variation of hood and cloak and pretty pink bows in her hair, a young wolf at her side. The girl is on mauve and white gingham background, the picture framed with lace border and flowers. Besides the picture of the girl the background is heavenly in skyblue with white clouds.
The portrait on the other side of the carrier bag shows Little Red Riding Hood with red coat, red shoes and red bow around her neck with white dots. The cute red cheeked Riding Hood is on skyblue, slightly cloudy background, cutely framed in lacy decoration, on the bottom of the frame there are fantastic flowers and a blue vow, the background in mauve-white gingham.
The bag has a round base (30cm diameter), inside it is mauve with white dots, same as the handles (32cmx4cm). This bag has as well a nice little portemonnaie. That is very practical to have to most important stuff right at hand, be it a crochet hook, parking ticket or band aid.

The cute La Marelle bag is a carrier bag in typical Melle Héloïse design, the start of a new design serial of pretty things with fairy tale motives, flowers and lace. The shopping bags made of plastic are practical, you can fold them when necessary and of course their design is individual, unique and extraordinary. Who can say to carry the groceries home with a fairy tale bag?
There is more magic and fairy tale in other products at the MiaDeRoca online store, be if with biscuit cutters, hand mirrors, trays, rings or note books, you can find them featuring Little Red Riding Hood, Frog Kind, several princesses, princes and goat shperhedesses, the gingerbread cottage of Hansel and Gretel ain't missing either.

Funny Bag Little Red Riding Hood "Ronda"

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Product Details:


happy shopping bag
cute imprints on all sides
stable propylene

Length: 48cm / 18.86inch
Width: 1cm / 0.39inch
Hight: 38.5cm / 15.13inch

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EUR 19,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 13.39 / USD 20.25
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