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Funky Shopper Bag Barbara, Charcuterie

The shopper is a carrier bag with a very unique design. Easily recognizable, we do love this designer and all her illustration. But this very shopping bag in hilarious butcher-design exceeds all our expectations. The background in lovely pastel green tiles, in the front sausages and meat featuring an adoringly sweet butcher's girl with red cheeks, small red lips and a cap with rabbit ears. Concerning colours with an amazing mix of meat-colours and hygienic green. Inside, as this is one of the practical la Marelle bags, we find a small Pochette featuring a Salami, which you can use as a money-purse or for your knick-knack. Exceptional are the sides of the bags featuring ham, salami, mortadella, pieces of beef and chops of meat.

This Charcuterie bag is smashing. It might be usable for vegans, concerning its material, but we do have doubts that even ovo-lacto vegetarians might like this bag. Opinions to differ concerning the design of this bag - but that is okay. Not everyone should carry the same bag. We utterly adore this bag - and to do so as well you don't have to be descendant of a family of butchers.

Of course this bag is very suitable to do put your groceries in there (especially meat), but it likes to carry picknick as well and bathing dogs in the summer time.

If you like a nice combination: we have from this very designer a small leek-bag (with peas and radishes) in our bag collection.

Funky Shopper Bag "Barbara", Charcuterie

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Product Details:


freaky shopping bag
sweet imprints on all sides
stable propylene

Length: 43cm / 16.90inch
Width: 17cm / 6.68inch
Hight: 37cm / 14.54inch

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EUR 19,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 13.39 / USD 20.25
approx. [?]


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