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Cross The Body Handbag Moccalia size adaptable

"One size fits all" – we know it from hats, caps, shirts, trousers, and we don't believe it, bodies, requirements are so different. But, with this handbag we might want to take a little exception to the rule. The handbag moccalia is adaptable to your needs, you can fit in a book, even a college block, or just use it for your purse, the keys and the chewing gum. You can start in the morning with a heavily packed briefcase and come home in the evening with a nice cute handbag. You can change the size on the way you fold the flap: small fold and you have a messenger bag up to DIN A4, big fold and you have a handbag.

The handbag is made of sailcloth in the amazing colour mocca, wich is a nice dark-brown and the lining is cotton fabric with great red and white chequers. We love that combination. The dark-brown fits well to all occasions and the inner lining which you see when flapped to the front gives some vivid highlight. The handbag has two pockets on the outside, which can be coverd by the flap and three internal pockets, a small one for your mobile phone, the two bigger ones are perfect for keys and make-up. And if you feel like mocca only you just put the flap to the other side, and the lining is all your secret, what a clever system.

Cross The Body Handbag "Moccalia" size adaptable

EUR 89,00
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GBP 62.71 / USD 94.84
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Product Details:


brown sailcloth
red-white chequered lining
adjustable size
adjustable strap

Length: 31,5cm / 12.18inch
Width: 7cm / 2.75inch
Hight: 46cm / 18.08inch

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EUR 89,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 62.71 / USD 94.84
approx. [?]


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