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Alpine Lifestyle

About MiaDeRoca

The Alps:

High peaks, steep rugged rocks, a rich tradition, hard living conditions, as well as green valleys, rolling hills, vollages and cities.

The Alps are also a region of touristic interest:

Giant hotels and tourist blocks, but fortunately many sustainable and environmentally friendly touristical concetps, winter holidays with downhill skiing and cross country skiing, summer holidays with mountaineering and swimming in the lakes, and lots of hip outdoors sports as well as traditional "Gemütlichkeit".

... and the Alps are international:

France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Slovenia have a share of these mountain massives. Several different languages are spoken in the Alps: romance, germanic, slavic, among them rare languages like rhaeto-romanic, ladin and monégasque.

The Alps:

Landscape and culture, tradition and modernity, internationality and small communities. In this wonderfull diversity we position "MiaDeRoca" traditional products, modern interpretations, wonderfull Kitsch.


This Online Store and our MiaDeRoca Magazine is for everyone who loves the Alps, their products and wants to have some of its spirit at their home. And it is for those who love high quality prodcuts and hand crafted commodities.

At MiaDeRoca you get products we like, we have tested and used by ourselves. You buy from us and we deliver the products.

And we do this all for you – so we would be glad about feedback.



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