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Silver Flower Ring Hannelore

The silver ring Hannelore features an adorable garnet flower, round-shaped garnets form the petals and encircle a round garnet in the centre. All in all the ring contains seven round garnets. The ring is made of 925 a sterling silver with stamped shank and a rosé patina. Garnet is the symbol of truthfulness and stability, therefore the ring is a wonderful symbol of friendship and deep feelings. We can't deny that this ring is frequently bought by young men as a birthday or christmas present for their girlfriends and sometimes ist even the gift for Valentine's day. And as well by woman of all ages to give themselves a wonderful flower everyday. For those who like flowers we can as well recommend the silver bracelet Hannelore with several stunning garnet flowers or one of the many garnet neckwear we offer like the opal-heart pendant with garnets or garnet necklace Genoveva.

Silver Flower Ring "Hannelore"

EUR 108,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 76.10 / USD 115.08
approx. [?]

May 2017


Product Details:


925 sterling silver
7 garnets

Length: 1.9cm / 0.75inch
Width: 1.3cm / 0.51inch
Hight: 2.4cm / 0.94inch
Weight: 3.5g

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EUR 108,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 76.10 / USD 115.08
approx. [?]


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