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Colourful Muffin Cases Manuela

Paper casess for muffins and cupcakes Manuela come in five different colours: in red, strong pink, light blue, yellow and green. The colourful baking cases in rainbow colours are a great add on for yummy cupcakes. You can bake your cupcakes using all the colours in a colourful mix or use each colour for a very special recipe - make your blue berry muffins in green baking cases, bake chocolate cupcakes in red muffin cases and use pink baking moulds for gorgeous buttermilk cupcakes. You can bake your muffins in the muffin cases or use them as muffin wrap after baking.
Each case has 200 uni-colured cupckae baking moulds.

The whole MiaDeRoca team loves muffins - not only as delicious desert. They are a great give away when visiting friends, much loved at children's parties, you can serve them as the desert at a BBQ with friends. If you want to you can adorn them with some topping or glaze and prepare them for a special occasion be it a big birthday or wedding. Chocolate ganache or some fruity glaze, use some fondant to cut out appropriate decorations and some sugar colour to decorate it. A big selection of more than hundred different cutters for fondant and biscuits is available in our webshop.

Colourful Muffin Cases "Manuela"

EUR 3,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 2.75 / USD 4.16
approx. [?]

May 2017


Product Details:


200 cup cake cups
five different colour

Length: 5cm / 1.97inch
Width: 5cm / 1.97inch
Hight: 3.2cm / 1.26inch

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EUR 3,90
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 2.75 / USD 4.16
approx. [?]


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