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Black Briefs Organic Cotton Ahprodite

The black Aphrodite briefs features silver poppy flowers as imprint and is made of organic cotton. At the seam of the legs you can see the imprint "Luck". Don't you agree that this is the perfect lingerie if you are having a test, talk or a proposal. In fact all of us can do with a little good luck on normal working days and festivities as well.

The eco-social fashion by "Göttin des Glücks" (Goddess of Good Luck) is designed and developed by an international team in Vienna, Austria. The organic cotton plantation and production takes place taking care of environmental criteria and fair working conditions. That means good karma throughout the whole process.

To match the black briefs Aphrodite you can get yourself Aphrodite tops in black and pink, with spaghetti straps and the print "Göttin des Glücks" (Goddess of Good Luck – niece German slogans on your clothes definitely will help to improve your foreign language skills). You can add to your organic cotton intimates some hipsters in pink and black available at our web store. The organic cotton pants are covered with the letters "LUCK", that should be enough luck and good fortune for the 24 hours of a day.

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Black Briefs Organic Cotton "Ahprodite"

each EUR 18,00
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GBP 12.68 / USD 19.18
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Product Details:


95% organic cotton
5% elasthane
silver imprint
fairtrade certified cotton
GOTS certified

Length: cm / 0.00inch
Width: cm / 0.00inch
Hight: cm / 0.00inch

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each EUR 18,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 12.68 / USD 19.18
approx. [?]


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