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Knitting Pattern Felted Hobo Bag Xenia

The DIY-Set for the felted shoulderbag Xenia consists of a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to knit the bag and three skeins of brown felting wool.

The bag is knitted and felted afterwards. The felting can be done easily in the washing machine. The felting process is very interesting and one never knows how exactly the product will turn out. If you your work your bag with the Xenia pattern it will be about 36cm long, 23cm high, 10cm broad, the shoulderstrap will be about 62cm. The knitted wool felts pretty steady and you will get a compact and elastic felt. The felt of this bag will be about 0.5 cm.

The bag is a practical Hobo bag, where a DinA4 folder can be placed, and you can carry it well over your shoulder. As a typical felted bag it is rather light weight.

Even beginners can easily knit this bag, the pattern is easy to follow and one only need the patience to knit the three skeins away. To make yourself this fabulous knitted bag you need to know: normal stitches (no purl needed) and chain off.
You need knitting needles N. 7.
If you wish you can knit a shoulder bag in blue, dark red or violett. You can choose between all colours of new pure wool we offer at the section of Yarn & Wool. Just tell us when ordering online if you like to choose a different colour.

The finished felt bag can be embroidered or you can stitch crochet flowers on it, you can as well but buttons and badges on it and change it how you like it playful or plain and unadorned.

This popular pattern is now available as "pattern only", knitting Hobo felt purses in two different sizes: eBook felt bag pattern Xenia and Xenele.

Knitting Pattern Felted Hobo Bag "Xenia"

EUR 22,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 15.50 / USD 23.44
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Product Details:


over 10 page detailled English description
100% new pure wool
3 100 g skeins
each 240 running meter
Made in Austria

Length: 36cm / 14.15inch
Width: 23cm / 9.04inch
Hight: 10cm / 3.93inch

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EUR 22,00
Price incl. VAT,
plus Delivery Costs
GBP 15.50 / USD 23.44
approx. [?]


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